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manicurist reviews8/1/2016 • Contacted and made appointment through the online appointment setter.  No problems with booking the appointment.  Nice house tucked away from the sidewalk on Sandy Blvd.  Deb was wonderful working me into a earlier appointment.  She was very gentle on a toe nail that was damaged and re-growing. No pain afterwards like my last pedicure.  Two weeks now and color is still strong.  I liked being the only one in my time slot, instead of being in a busy shop.  I will continue to go to Deb for my nail needs. Pages T. (Source: Yelp)

4/26/2016 • Very comfortable experience. Quiet, personal care, without all the commotion of a regular salon. A true little gem in Hollywood district. Sabrina H.(source: Yelp)

2/26/2015 • I have been going for pedicures for years with Deb.  She is the Best!  She is very professional and my toes always look wonderful! I have gone to numerous pedicurists over the years even when we lived in Europe, but no one compares to Deb. -Jacque D. (Source: Facebook Review)

6/13/2014 • Debi gives the best pedicures in town. Love the pampering and she keeps my feet in good shape. Also like the new shop, such an improvement over the other place.  -Jan C. (Source: Facebook Review)

2/25/2013 • I have been going to Hands Face Body Place for nearly 2 years and have been so impressed with Debbie’s manicures, pedicures, and facials. Additionally, the recommended skincare products have transformed my skin. I appreciate the amount of time and effort Debbie has invested in exploring various skincare products and choosing ones that actually work! I will continue going to Debbie for years to come!!  —Nicki R. (Source: Spa Reviews –

7/20/2012 • I’ve been seeing Deb for approximately two years for pedicures and she is honestly the best pedicurist imaginable. Her work is impeccable and she is a wonderful person. Her prices are very reasonable for the quality of work. —Andrea H., Portland, OR (SOURCE: Spa Reviews –

8/8/2011 • …This was delightful; a private room, sanitary procedures and a very fun and personable lady. The nail colors (OPI) were all on artificial nails, in a little box for you to pick through while you sit, and you can see what they’ll look like on your nails, no surprises once they’re applied. This was the best Mani/Pedi I’ve ever had, in a private room where people are not walking by, walking in, or sitting anywhere in your view. It’s amazingly relaxing…(Bree C. Source:

2/25/2009 • Debi Gable is the Best!! • After checking out many shops over the years, I have found the best! You may have to wait for an appointment, but it is well worth it. My feet look great for weeks, and my calluses are gone. My face loves the naturals products Deb uses. It is the highlight of my week, and I often fall asleep during my facials, they are so relaxing. I can’t recommend Deb highly enough. (SOURCE: Spa Reviews –

10/2008 • Fabulous Hot Stone Pedicure • Comfortable atmosphere, cute decor and GREAT pedicure. I’ve had a lot of pedicures, but this was my first hot stone pedicure. It was so great!! To begin with, it was a very thorough pedicure with callus removal, then the massage was combined with hot stones. WOW! It felt amazing. The heat of the stones made a wonderful massage even better. Then the feet are dipped in warm paraffin wax and put in booties. There is more massage and my toes were then polished to perfection. Deb Gable did a FABULOUS job. I will be back and I will recommend her to my friends. (SOURCE: Spa Reviews –

4/5/2008 • Best Pedicure Ever • My pedicure with Deb was by far the best pedicure I’ve ever had. I appreciated that she was detail oriented, so it was very thorough, from the callus removal to the great foot and leg massage. I got so relaxed that I thought I was going to fall asleep. I had the paraffin wax treatment after the pedicure, which is warm wax on your feet and then your feet in booties. Heaven! And then a little more massage after the paraffin. I scheduled another appointment, but It has been almost a month and my polish still looks perfect aside from a little grow out. Deb also does manicures, facials and waxing, and the salon offers massage. I am looking forward to trying another service. (SOURCE: Spa Reviews –

9/1/2007 • Debi gives THE best pedicure in Portland • I’ve been to a number of places in the Portland area for manicures and pedicures — Deb Gable is THE BEST. My pedicures are always very thorough and my nails perfectly done. Great exfoliating and lower leg massage that’s extremely relaxing. Deb also provides facials and waxing services, but I haven’t tried them yet. Deb’s a really nice, easygoing, fun person — which is nice if you’re sitting in the same room with a person for an hour. 🙂 The 3 women there (it’s kind of like a co-op) are very professional and the decor is charming and relaxing. Definitely not a stuffy place. (SOURCE: Spa Reviews –

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